Meditation Body Butter

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Scent Description:

This beautiful deep, rich fragrance will intrigue your senses, in an earthy blend of citrus and floral. Dragon's Blood combines an alluring mixture of fresh orange and grape, sensual clove and rose with a woody patchouli base.

Described as a mysterious, as well as magical, mild perfume scent, and is always long lasting.


What is a body butter? It's a skin conditioning agent that is made up of only oils, unlike its cousin, lotion, that is half water and half oil.

Body butters, although solid, melt when it comes into contact with body heat. Body butter is not only thicker than lotion but also is intensely more hydrating.

Our light and fluffy whipped body butters are made with the finest ingredients and are light as air. We want to help you with your self-care and self growth journey and what better way to do that than starting with the biggest organ on your body, your epidermis.

Remember, when you feel good, all else will fall into place. Tell yourself all the time "Its all about ME" May we forever be in pursuit of betterness, Meliora!


Directions: Take a small pea size amount for hands and rub into skin. good for after shower use. keep butter dry. 

Ingredients: Shea butter, coco butter, jojoba oil, Arrowroot powder, mica, fragrance. 


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